Game of the Year 2015



2015 was obviously a huge year for the gaming community. It saw the true rise of huge open world experiences that deliver fantastic experiences, as well as giving us smaller experiences worth perhaps the most hardcore gamer's attention. We have got some wonderful games this season along with a few stinkers which article is going to cover all of it. Before we begin I want to let everyone know that I did not play all the games that was released this season, so if your favorite game isn't getting a nod, it is because I simply didn't listen to it. Three huge games I did not get to this year were Dying Light, Metal Gear Solid V, and many recently Just Cause 3. I also only own a PS4 and X-Box One, so PC exclusives defintely won't be relevant to this article.


Let us get some disappointments taken care of. There were many games which were broken upon release or had some issues, while some were just a complete letdown. These are my 3 most disappointing games of 2015.

3. Evolve - Yes, Evolve became available early on in 2015 and was a hugely anticipated game that wished to focus on cooperative play. It absolutely was very limited in modes, guns, characters, and maps. Which made it easy put down the controller and proceed to the next game. I lost all interest in about a week therefore did the rest of the world. It will likely be interesting to see what the developer will do having an inevitable sequel.

2. Batman: Arkham Knight - The 4th and 'final' entry in Rocksteady's superb action/adventure series would be a fun time in small doses, but ultimately failed at bringing Batman to the new generation in a manner that blew expectations. It seemed like the sport was the first three all come up with with better graphics plus a lousy attempt at adding the batmobile. As the game is certainly not bad, it left a bunch to be desired.

1. The Order 1886 - One of the most anticipated PlayStation 4 games which was announced a couple years ago released with a whimper. The 3rd person shooter period piece ended up being the best looking bet on the year that you barely played. The 4 hour experience was really a cutscene with gameplay scattered in compared to other way around.

Now let us get to the best games of year!

10. Rocket League - It is a small game that exited nowhere and I sunk unexpecting hours involved with it. It's a fun game to take a seat and play in long sessions or even in quick burst. It absolutely was a pleasure to play and is also still fantastic several months down the line.

9. Madden 16 - Okay, so this is the guilty pleasure game in a way. I love football and i also love Madden. I play in the franchise every single year and place in hundreds of hours in it. It was another step above it's predecessor and puts building blocks for the next installment.

8. Halo 5 - The initial Halo on the new X-Box offers a great experience with an exciting single player and incredibly competitive multiplayer. While the actual story line is a bit underwhelming, the gameplay is second to none. Multiplayer is still going strong and i also find myself returning every day or two to play a few matches.

7. Alien Battlefront - While I was a little disappointed with the casualness of the game and not enough content, Battlefront is an absolute joy to experience. It's one of the best looking games I've ever seen and lays the ground for a better sequel.

6. Rainbow Six: Siege - Siege provided my serious multiplayer itch that wasn't fulfilled by the mediocre Battlefield Hardline. It's very tactical and plays terrifically each match. It genuinely takes understanding the game to become good at it and i also can't love that enough.

5. Until Dawn - Most likely the biggest surprise of the season, Sony didn't even know what they had using this game. It's a beautiful looking game that plays like your run of the mill teen horror story, but with a great twist mid way through. The choices you make actually modify the game, REALLY.

4. Rise of the Tomb Raider - This sequel improves on the Tomb Raider reboot in most way and is only a breath of clean air to play a somewhat linear story driven experience. Although I wish the story was a bit better, it is a fun game nonetheless.

3. Fallout 4 - The fourth entry in this huge franchise didn't exist until about 6 months ago when it was suddenly announced then released this November. It's really a great game that is more of the same. Though it looses it's steam about thirty hours involved with it, it's a hell of the experience that should be on everybody's shelf.

2. The Witcher 3 - Nature Hunt is an amazing game that does a bunch of things to varying levels of success. The combat and movement will be my biggest gripe with the game, but it's so easy to overlook when you have this colossal game with endless possibilities.

1. Bloodborne - Not just is Bloodborne my bet on the year, it's also my biggest surprise of year. While I have literally souls games, Irrrve never really got into them, but Bloodborne completely captivated me. While it's story makes work with it and it ultimately isn't relevant, it's the gameplay that kept me coming back to the game. I couldn't stop thinking and playing farmville. It's the perfect challenge and If your open to different varieties of games, I would 100% recommend obtaining Bloodborne.